Study Reference No. - 18-KN-001

Study Reference No. Study Type Compensation Gender Age Demographic
18-KN-001 Cat Allergy General Screening up to $50; Study participation up to $925 Males & females 18-65 Allergy to cats; not have a cat at home or be regularly exposed to cats
Study Details

Study Purpose

The purpose of this study is to identify the best dose of test product: Cat hair allergen which causes allergic symptoms in a test called Skin Prick Test (SPT). No medication will be administered in this study.

Study Duration

4 visits (approx. 14 hrs. total) including General & Medical Screening, COVID-19 test, 1 study visit

Study Schedule

General Screening

January 12, 14,16, 20,23

Medical Screening

Starts January 19; contact Recruitment

Study Visit(s)


Follow-Up Visit(s)


Other Notes

Bring Valid Photo ID.

COVID-19 test will be conducted at designated visit.