Study Reference No. - 19-029

Demographic Gender Age Location Compensation
Healthy, having Fitzpatrick I-IV skin types Any 18-65 Winnipeg, MB $150
Study Details

Study Purpose

The purpose of this research study is to evaluate moisturization of personal wash products.

Study Duration

Total 3 Visits
Screening and Product Application Phase

Study Schedule

General Screening


Medical Screening


Study Visit(s)

Visit 1 (Approx. 1 hr) 12.02.19
Informed Consent, Medical history review, inclusion/exclusion questions, soap distribution and instructions
Visit 2 (Approx. 10 hrs) 12.07.19
Visual and instrument assessments, single application, 30 minutes, 2 hours and 8 hour timepoint visual and instrument assessments
Visit 3 (Approx. 1 hr) 12.08.19
24 - hr timepoint visual and instrument assessments

Follow-Up Visit(s)


Other Notes

Bring valid ID
May be excluded if skin type is not as per study requirement.