Study Reference No. - 17-QK-001-A/B

Demographic Gender Age Location Compensation
Volunteers who are known to have a reaction or are sensitive to the chemical constituents of rubber. Males and Females 18-65 Mississauga, ON Up to $800 (Part A - up to $300, Part B - up to $500)
Study Details

Study Purpose

To identify subjects who have an allergy to natural chemicals which may be found in latex. This is a patch study, no medication will be administered/tested in the study.

Study Duration

Part A - 3 visits
Part B - 3 visits

Study Schedule

General Screening


Medical Screening

Part A - Dates starting 26-Oct-19 with flexible hours. Contact Recruitment.

Study Visit(s)

Part B - Volunteers who qualify in Part A, will be informed of dates in Part B.

Follow-Up Visit(s)


Other Notes

Bring valid ID.