Current Studies for Mississauga, Canada

Study Reference No. Study Type Compensation Gender Age Demographic Location Study Details
19-MY-001-A Healthy, fasting $3,000 Male and Female 18-55 Healthy, non-smokers for at least the past 1 year Mississauga, ON Click Here
19-MO-003-A/B Ragweed Allergy Up to $100 for pre-screening; if you qualify, study compensationup to $1,720. Male and Female 18+ Allergy to ragweed for at least the last 2 years Mississauga, ON Click Here
17-QK-001-A/B Latex Allergy Study (Patch, no medication will be administered/tested) Up to $800 (Part A - up to $300, Part B - up to $500) Males and Females 18-65 Volunteers who are known to have a reaction or are sensitive to the chemical constituents of rubber. Mississauga, ON Click Here
19-UU-001 Inhaler, fasting $2,000 Males and Females 18-60 Healthy, non-smoker Mississauga, ON Click Here