We understand that you may have questions before making your decision to volunteer for our clinical trials. Here are some questions and answers to help you make an informed decision.

What is a clinical research study?

A clinical research study is a carefully planned scientific study, to evaluate different aspects of new or modified products, devices, or medications, using human subjects. Clinical research studies are conducted under the direction of trained clinical investigators, and in accordance with an approved study protocol and all governmental regulations.

Why do manufacturers test products at Cliantha Research?

Most commonly, companies test products at Cliantha Research to verify the safety and/or effectiveness of their products. Companies also test products to support claims they wish to make about their products. These claims are often used in the language of product advertising.

Who monitors clinical research studies conducted at Cliantha Research?

Cliantha Research follows all Good Clinical Practices {GCP} mandated by the US Food & Drug Administration {FDA} and Health Canada, as well as International Conference on Harmonization {ICH} guidelines where the rights, safety, and well-being of the study subject prevail over the interests of science. Study subject information is kept confidential by Cliantha Research. However, the sponsoring company, whose product is being tested, will receive study records that are coded to protect your identity. The sponsoring company, the Institutional Review Board {IRB}, the FDA, and Health Canada may inspect all study records. Study information may be used for medical or scientific publication, or advertising purposes, but your identity will always remain confidential.

How can I participate in a clinical research study?

To take part in a clinical research study interested parties must contact our Study Information center 727-362-6358. All studies have specific qualification criteria. A Study Specialist will ask you a series of demographic and medical questions to determine your initial eligibility to participate. If, based on your responses, you qualify to participate you will be given a time and date to attend a screening appointment. At your screening appointment the research staff will make a final determination about your eligibility to participate in the study. If you are eligible, and you agree to participate, you will be asked to sign a consent form, and given your study participation appointments.

How often can I participate in a clinical research study?

Subjects are only allowed to participate in one clinical research study at a time. The Government and our clients have strict rules about the frequency of study participation. Subjects are not allowed to participate in two clinical research studies at the same time, whether they are conducted at Cliantha Research or another research facility. Subjects will be eligible for future clinical research studies only after they have been released from any current study participation. Depending on the nature of the clinical research study, subjects may be required to wait up to 30 days or more before participating in another clinical research study.

Do I need medical insurance to participate in clinical research studies?

No, medical insurance is not required to participate in clinical research studies at Cliantha Research. All products, medications, tests, and physicals (if applicable) are provided free of charge, and under the direction of our trained staff.

Will I receive compensation for participating?

Yes, qualified subjects that participate in clinical research studies are compensated for their time and travel. The type of study, number of appointments, and duration of the study will determine the amount of compensation received. Compensation for study participation is usually distributed up to two (2) weeks after the completion of the clinical research study.

How long will the clinical research study last?

Cliantha Research conducts a wide variety of different clinical research studies. Some studies are as short as a single visit, lasting only a few hours. Other studies may require multiple visits over several weeks or months, and some may require multiple overnight visits. At each step of the recruitment process, during the telephone interview and at your screening visit, you will be informed of the timing and duration of the study.

How often does Cliantha Research conduct clinical research studies?

On most weeks Cliantha Research’s team is involved in running several research studies at the same time. New studies are added to our schedule, and approved for recruitment, on an ongoing basis.

How can I find out about upcoming participation opportunities?

To find out about upcoming participation opportunities, call our recruiting department at 727-362-6358 or email us at and follow us on Facebook and Instagram.