Study Reference No. C1C02196

Study Type Demographic Gender Age Location Compensation
Medicated Skin Ointment Healthy; Fitzpatrick skin type I-IV Males & Females 18 to 55 years Saint Petersburg FL $750
Study Details

Study Purpose

The purpose of this study is to see if an investigational (test) skin ointment will lighten (whiten or blanch) the skin after the ointment is applied at the same rate as a currently marketed prescription ointment and to monitor the safety of the subjects. Skin blanching is a term to describe skin that becomes white or pale, for example when you press a finger on your skin and remove it. It becomes white or pale and then usually returns to normal color quickly when there is good blood flow. The skin lightening will only be temporary (won't last). This testing provides information about the delivery of the drug through the skin.

Study Duration

Expected study duration will be 32 days (depending on date of screening Visit 1) which includes 4 study visits: 2 screening visits, one optional visit and visit 4 will have 2 nights/3 days.

Compensation: Up to $750 ($780 if subject participates in V3 optional visit)

Study Schedule

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Medical Screening

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Study Visit(s)

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Other Notes

Bring Valid Photo ID.